Our Mission

Lucky Ants is an NFT collection of 1123 colorful and cute-looking ants living out their best lives on the Solana blockchain. Watch out! Armadillos are right around the corner to slurp them up if you are not careful! But wait, we will not let our fellow ants get eaten without putting up a fight. There will be opportunities to save some of them. Check out our FAQs for additional details!

Not only do we want to share our artworks with you, but we also want to build a great community around the project where people want to be a part of! We will be organizing events and adding new features so that Lucky Ants goes beyond just artwork. We aspire to be one of the "blue chip" projects. However, we can't do that all by ourselves. We need your support! Join our Discord server, follow us on Twitter, and acquire a Lucky Ant! We promise that we will work hard, like the ants in nature, on this project and for our Ants community!

Thank you and welcome to the Ants community! Let's have an Ant-tastic time together!

Why Lucky Ants?

💪 Strong team

😊 Cute looking

🌈 Super colorful

🎟️ Community Events

🌋 Floor Burning ( Armadillos )

🔨 Weekly Raffle ( Jailbreak )

🎉 Future holder perks ( Antlings )

Lucky Ant example # 0
Lucky Ant example # 1
Lucky Ant example # 2
Lucky Ant example # 3
Lucky Ant example # 4
Lucky Ant example # 5
Lucky Ant example # 6
Lucky Ant example # 7
Lucky Ant example # 8

Our Colony

Many years ago, an asteroid from outer space struck our planet and crashed in the middle of the ocean. From the impact, an island formed almost overnight with the asteroid becoming a hill in the middle. A mysterious source of colorful liquid started to ooze from the space rock and gradually merged with rainwater to form a stream that curves and cuts into the landscape. Everything touched by the water began to display a tremendous amount of color. Soon, a diverse group of wildlife emerged and began to call this island home.

Among them, a colony of ants live in their anthills near the river bank. These ants are held in great reverance by the local population and is believed to have brought the natives great fortune. The locals called them Lucky Ants. The ant queens are busy nurturing their young while the worker ants move about collecting resources for the colony. For the most part, the Lucky Ants enjoy a carefree life as the island provides abundant food for them. Their daily interaction with the space-liquid infused vegetation has bleached their arms into colors different from their body. Every week, the ants would come out in droves and party hard to celebrate their harvest. Life is almost perfect for the Lucky Ants...


Of course, no one lives a life without challenges. That is true for the Lucky Ants. The parties and mass ant movements have attracted the attention of predators! The ants are on a constant lookout for armadillos looking to snack on them. They have built several defensive systems in their anthills with multiple exit tunnels and isolated hideouts to protect themselves. But alas, it's not enough! Armadillos are quick to snatch up any slow Lucky Ants on the ground. On a positive note, if you could call it that, the mysterious water has made Lucky Ants super nutritious. Eating one is enough to satisfy an armadillo for a week. Often, the Lucky Ants slurped up by the armadillos do not get consumed right away but locked away for future needs. Now, that provided opportunities to rescue some of the captured ones.

The Jailbreak

After each armadillo attack, the queen ants dispatch a few light footed ants to stalk the armadillos and discover their resting ground. The ants would report back with a detailed map containing the location of their captured loved ones. The ant leaders would form a guerilla squad armed with drums, grappling hooks, and lock picks. Some brave ants use themselves as live baits by playing the drums to lure armadillos away from their nest. Others would then march deep into the armadillos' territory to rescue their missing brethren. Some ants are saved from the camp. Others are lost forever to armadillos. Life on the island is a constant tug and pull of capture and rescue between the armadillos and the ants.


Whether it's the impact of the mysterious liquid, Darwinism, or both, there are rumors of Lucky Ants genetically mutating. Some murmured that these new breeds have extra body parts while others bragged about hardened shells to withstand the jaw of armadillos! We do not know if rumors are real or fake news as we don't have confirmed sightings! But if we can trust the news source, these new breeds of Lucky Ant offsprings are called...Antlings!



Lucky Ant icon

Generate the collection Create social media accounts Stand up the website Upload collection to blockchain Collection traits breakdown Launch week giveaways and events! Marketplace listing Armadillos rollout Begin Jailbreak cadence

Coming soon

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Make cosmetic changes to minted Lucky Ants


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Finalize Antling artwork Deploy Antlings


How do I acquire a Lucky Ant NFT?

Please visitMagic EdenDigital Eyesto purchase a Lucky Ant.

How do the armadillos capture ants?

Once we are listed on the marketplaces, our community wallet is setup to receive 2% of all sales and the fund will be used to arm the armadillos. At random times, we will buy Lucky Ants listed at floor price across the marketplaces to raise the floor. A page dedicated to consumed ants will be available in the near future.

What is the Jailbreak?

With the Lucky Ants locked away in armadillos' nest, not all ants will be consumed. We will run a rescue mission (raffle) every week to rescue ONE Lucky Ant and give it to a Lucky Ant holder. As long as you have a Lucky Ant in your wallet, you will be eligible for the raffle! Do you have the bravest and luckiest ant in your wallet to rescue another ant?

Does owning multiple ants increase my odds in the raffle?

No, we want to ensure that we have a balanced community and do not want a large number of ants concentrated in a small number of wallets. Our algorithm will only consider each unique wallet address once.

What are the Antlings?

Antlings are a SEPARATE collection we have in the work to be released next year. The antlings are available ONLY to Lucky Ant holders and they will be distinct in look and art style from their parents. Stay tuned for additional details!

What are the upcoming cosmetic changes for minted ants?

We have received feedback that some of our Ants are hard to see due to bright background. We are working on updating background color to be more neutral colors and reduce the size of ants so that they fit in profile frames better. Everything else would remain the same. Join our discord to stay abreast with the updates as we will solicit community feedback before uploading the changes to the blockchain.

What is our community wallet address?

Rarity Breakdown

Silver Key:827.30%
Grappling Hook:615.43%
Pencil Notepad:585.16%
Big Drum:433.83%
Double Drum:353.12%
White Headphone:242.14%
Eyelashes Green:1119.88%
Eyelashes Red:1109.80%
Eyelashes Pink:1059.35%
Eyelashes Blue:908.01%
Eyelashes Black:393.47%
Dirty Green:12010.69%
Yellow Orange:877.75%
Pink Purple:867.66%
Purple Blue:857.57%
Green Blue:807.12%
Yellow Green:20518.25%
Purple Pink:564.99%
Orange Purple:413.65%
Blue Pink:242.14%
Silver Right Ear Hoop:12511.13%
Silver Left Ear Hoop:1059.35%
Silver Single Hoops:504.45%
Silver Double Hoops:504.45%
Gold Single Hoops:433.83%
Gold Double Hoops:363.21%
Gold Right Ear Hoop:332.94%
Gold Left Ear Hoop:262.32%
Blue Red:645.70%
Blue Purple:625.52%
Tall Hat:211.87%
Body Art
Blue Warpaint:15613.89%
Gray Warpaint:15313.62%
Black Warpaint:15213.54%
Silver Shutter Shades:22520.04%
Black Shutter Shades:21419.06%
Champ Goldchain:110.98%


Animated portraits of Lucky Ants
The Coder AntSoftware engineer, website developer
Image of Lucky Ant with facial paintings and a crown
The Artist AntArtist, graphic designer